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Prose Self- Representation Consultation attorneys in Madison, WisconsinThere are many forms available to use to file family law documents with the Court, without hiring an attorney. While some of the forms are mostly self-explanatory, such as the Petition for Divorce, other forms are more complicated. Some forms may look easy to fill out but do not warn you about their consequences. When completing such forms as a Financial Disclosure Statement or a Marital Settlement Agreement, if you do not want to hire an attorney to represent you in court, there is another option available. You can consult with an attorney on limited issues as you determine. You may think you can just check boxes and get it done yourself. However, be wary that these forms will not advise you of the consequences of your choices, and there may be unintended, long lasting consequences which you should at least consider before filing anything with the Court. For example, only in rare circumstances can you change the terms of your property division that is set forth in a Marital Settlement Agreement after the Judge signs the Divorce Judgment. If you have a pension or a retirement account, there are tax consequences that should be considered. You or your spouse may have a pension that neither of you are aware exists. Often pension plans do not send out quarterly or annual statements like the ones you get from your 401k plan. If you don’t want to hire an attorney to go to court with you, keep in mind that you can consult with an attorney on an hourly basis, and get help only as you need it, without hiring the attorney to go to court with you. If you decide to consult with either Lisa or Bonnie, you decide how much consulting you want to do, so you can control how much you spend on attorney fees. Having an attorney review your Marital Settlement Agreement will prevent those unintended consequences. Whatever you think you are saving by not hiring an attorney, you may lose by not knowing what your options are, and not having all of the information you need to make the best decision for yourself. People call our office asking us to help them change what happened in court or what they agreed to, but often it is too late for us to help them. Let us inform you of what your rights are, before you make any decisions and before you sign any documents.

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